The Law Firm That Works for You

When you seek a caring environment that provides unmatched legal knowledge and experience, call the Aibara Reed Law Group. We’ll answer.

We have built a firm that is wholly dedicated to our community and clients within the tri-state area, to help with legal needs, including but not limited to real estate, wills, trusts and estates, personal injury and corporate and small business law. We are a cohesive team of attorneys with over 45 years of collective experience, who abide by our core values of serving our clients with the highest ethical standards of our profession, while never forgetting that our clients have distinct and unique needs. We treat our community with the same commitment to excellence, through our steadfast support of a variety of charitable causes.

The lawyers of the Aibara Reed Law Group offer their clients a caring environment, where their knowledge and experience combine for the benefit of people they represent.  Following their core values, they serve their clients with the highest ethical values.   They understand the importance of every detail of Real Estate Law, wills, trusts and estates.  They excel at Corporate and Small Business law.  They are leaders in the field of Personal Injury Law.

At Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers, they realize every community and client have distinct characteristics and needs.  With 45 years of collective experience, their understanding of the tri-state area make them the uniquely suited to be superior Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys.

The Aibara Reed Law Group takes their role in their community very seriously.  They support a variety of charitable causes across both Long Island counties.  The Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyers of the Aibara Reed Law Group has developed unique deep roots with insights into the lives of the people they represent.  In their practice out east, they stand out as leaders in the Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorneys field, again through their deep community commitment and roots.
Every member of their Nassau County Personal Injury Attorney team realizes the welfare of the client are paramount in any settlement or verdict.  Their experience, work ethic and superior training make them a wise choice in legal representation.  Teamed with their Suffolk County Personal Injury Lawyers, the Aibara Reed Law Group can meet the legal needs of all Long Islanders.